What is Sonder?

Sonder is a moment of awareness, a connection to yourself and to the world around you. It is a way of seeing, a lens that can help reveal what might otherwise go overlooked. It’s the space between spaces; the magical moments we find if we take the time to look and turn towards the world openly with curiosity and wonder.

It’s that magical moment you discover you are not alone...

Our Vision

Creativity, Curiosity, & Wonder

Sonder was founded by individuals with a deep love of cannabis as a tool for creativity.

For most of our lives, we’ve shared cannabis with people who used the plant not to disconnect and escape from the world as popular opinion insisted, but instead to engage deeply with ourselves, the world around us, and the people we share it with.

Our Farms

Family Roots

All of the cannabis grown on our family-run farms in Mendocino county is tended to by master growers using sustainable farming practices. As second generation cannabis farmers, these practices have been passed down to them from previous generations and combined with modern cultivation techniques to grow 100% pesticide free, sun grown cannabis.

Sun grown in Mendocino

Our Terroir

Making great cannabis oil is a lot like making great food: If you start with the best ingredients you can find & process it gently over time without rushing things, you don’t need to add anything to it—it’s perfect exactly as it is!

And if you want to make great cannabis oil, you have to start with great cannabis. And if you want to grow great cannabis, the best place in the U.S. to do it is on California’s craggy Northern coast or what is more commonly referred to as the Emerald Triangle.

Our superior flower owes everything to the terroir of this coastal Mendocino region; a unique microclimate that nourishes the plants gently over time with sun, rain & soil in a rhythm that has nurtured the world’s greatest cannabis for generations.